Hinoemata Onsen Ski Resort

Hinoemata Onsen Ski Area is located within Oze National Park. There are only 2 slopes, but the courses here are ones that can be enjoyed by advanced skiers including a 30-degree deep powder course and a course used for alpine skiing training. Also, from the middle of December, the resort opens a cross-country course where you can enjoy beautiful nature close to you. Although it’s a small ski area, it is a fully-equipped resort which can be recommended for skiing and snowboarding. There is an onsen sports facility, Aruza Oze-no-Sato, right by the national highway but it is closed in the winter. To enjoy an onsen after skiing, the day-trip onsen facility, Azuki Onsen Madoake-no-Yu, 10 minutes away by car is recommended. Three types of baths can be enjoyed here including a large bathtub that lets natural light in through the windows and an outdoor bath. There is also a Japanese-style resting room and a restaurant which are good for relaxation. Nearby, there is Aizu Kogen Takahata Ski Area which specializes in skiing only so it’s great for skiers interested in ski resort-hopping.

1150 Mitoori-aza, Hinoemata-mura, Minamiaizu-gun, Fukushima



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