Yokote Yakisoba

Comparatively sweet yakisoba using straight thick noodles, cabbage and minced pork, and, depending on the shop, offal. One of its big unique characteristics is that it comes with a fried egg on top and is eaten with sweet fukujinzuke pickles. Around 1950, it was created in a Yokote City yakisoba shop through a collaboration between the shop owner and a local noodle manufacturer, and it soon became popular for its great taste and affordable price. In July 2001, ”Yokote Yakisoba Norenkai” was established. Yokote Yakisoba began to be used as a way to help energize the city and various events were instituted so that it started to earn fame around the country as a local gourmet item. Starting in 2012, they changed their name to ”Yokote Yakisoba Sunrise S” and are still working for further breakthroughs.

Yokote City area



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