Inaniwa Udon

Original handmade dried udon. Because the noodles are thin, they can be prepared quickly and they have a smooth feel on the tongue and can be easily slurped up. In 1665, it is said that Inaniwa Kichizaemon established its unique manufacturing method. In the past, as it was limited in production volume, it was used as a gift to each clan as a masterpiece of the Akita clan, and it was known as a luxury item. These days it is eaten in kitchens and restaurants throughout the year as hot noodles in cold weather and cold noodles in hot weather. It is known as a one of Akita Prefecture's specialty foods, and is also popular as a souvenir.

Inaniwa City area



Winter in Tohoku is long.
It's fun that way.
Delivering "the hottest" of Tohoku.

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