Ishiyaki Nabe

The Oga peninsula protruding in the Sea of Japan is a mysterious rock that offers a wide landscape of cliffs spreading out as far as the eye can see. A wonderful regional cuisine suitable for the scenery the ”Ishiyaki Nabe” (Stone-cooked hot pot). Put fish and shellfish and vegetables in a wooden pail and then add red-hot stones and the steam rises with the rich aroma of the tide and miso. Because the juice boils at once, the body of the fish and shellfish tighten, and the vegetables are boiled down without spoiling the taste, so you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. The origin of the stone-cooked pot is the Ozaka region's hunting cuisine. Please enjoy this exciting dish along as well as its cooking process.

Oga peninsula, Akita Prefecture



Winter in Tohoku is long.
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